Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring ... That is exactly what Mahabaleshwar is all about. A place to escape the torrid heat, a place to romance strawberries and mulberries, a place to cool off in the thunderous hailstorms that shower the hot tin roofs and plunge the temperatures for lovers to revel in! Mahabaleshwar has something for all - young and old, trekker and stroller, shopper and foodie or maybe someone who just loves to laze around. Therefore, you will find families, backpackers, moony honeymooners, all doing their own thing and generally having a good time.

Hotel Poonam has 18 well appointed guest rooms for all class and category, Deluxe , Super Deluxe. We treat your taste buds to an exotic cuisine dished out by our experienced chef’s in a beautiful atmosphere of the “ Restaurant” with our Specialties of Veg and Non-Veg , Punjabi Dishes, well-stocked Juice bar and Ice-Cream Parlor.